ePatch – Miniaturized One-Channel Amplifier
The world's smallest integrated patch clamp amplifier and data acquisition system
for whole-cell and single-channel recordings.

The ePatch integrates in a small headstage, a low-noise amplifier, a pulse generator, and a digitizer into a 42x18x78 mm box! It connects directly to the USB port of a laptop, without the need of any other external bulky equipment.

eONE – Miniaturized One-Channel Amplifier
The world’s smallest low-cost current amplifier for nanopores and single-channel electrophysiology applications.

eONE is a complete, USB-powered, one-channel data acquisition system. It incorporates the low noise amplifier, the digitizer and filters, as well as the voltage stimulus generator, all in a very small footprint (only 30x15x74mm).

BLM Kit – All-in-one software & hardware setup for Bilayer Lipid Membrane
A compact and complete BLM research as well as educational kit for accurate electrophysiological recordings. The kit includes the eONE amplifier, the EDR software with real-time analysis, and all the tools for fast screening of ion-channels functional activity in lipid environments.

nanoscaleLABS is a dedicated re-seller of Elements SRL in North America (Canada & USA). Elements provides high accuracy miniaturized current amplifiers for ion channels and nanopores. ​

​Established in 2013, Elements is a microelectronics company, specializing in high accuracy miniaturized instrumentation for nanosensor applications, based on custom-made CMOS microchips.​
The microelectronic approach enables low noise, single- and multi-channel acquisition of very low amplitude signals, with the added benefits of low-cost and portable instrumentation, best suited for research as well as education.

Elements SRL