Elements SRL

eONE is available in three different versions:

1. BASE: The low-cost and high-performance solution, starting from $1,775 USD. Suitable for educational activities and any applications that need to measure low conductance values.
• Max sampling rate: 20 kHz                    • Max Bandwidth: 10 kHz 
• Constant voltage                                  • Res & Cap estimator

2. VP: The intermediate solution, including a set of fully programmable Voltage Protocols for typical electrophysiology experiments.
• Max sampling rate: 20 kHz                    • Max Bandwidth: 10 kHz 
• Programmable Voltage Protocols          • Res & Cap estimator

3. HS: The top-line solution, with High Speed acquisition rate and voltage protocols, suitable for research and nanopore analysis.
• Max sampling rate: 200 kHz                   • Max Bandwidth: 100 kHz 
• Programmable Voltage Protocols           • Res & Cap estimatorragraph here.

4. XV: The new eONE-XV amplifier inherit all the features of the HS with an extended voltage stimulus range (±1,65 V) and a new voltage protocol particularly suited for cyclic voltammetry.
This amplifier is suitable for SS-nanopores, nanoelectrodes studies, as well as electrochemistry experiments.







eONE – Miniaturized One-Channel Amplifier

The world’s smallest low-cost current amplifier for nanopores and single-channel electrophysiology applications.

eONE is a complete, USB-powered, one-channel data acquisition system. It incorporates the low noise amplifier, the digitizer and filters, as well as the voltage stimulus generator, all in a very small footprint (only 30x15x74mm).

It is suitable for research and educational activities which use bilayer lipid membranes (BLM) or whole cells.A small, easy-to-use, USB plug ‘n play system for acquiring very low-current signals

nanoscaleLABS is a dedicated re-seller of Elements SRL in North America (Canada & USA). Elements provides high accuracy miniaturized current amplifiers for ion channels and nanopores. ​

​Established in 2013, Elements is a microelectronics company, specializing in high accuracy miniaturized instrumentation for nanosensor applications, based on custom-made CMOS microchips.​
The microelectronic approach enables low noise, single- and multi-channel acquisition of very low amplitude signals, with the added benefits of low-cost and portable instrumentation, best suited for research as well as education.